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Top 5 Supplements for Runners

Most runners want to run at their optimal performance and do everything they can to run faster, recover quicker and prevent injuries. What you eat is an important part of this equation and specific supplements may help you perform at your best. Here are a few supplements science shows that may actually help athletes increase their performance. Click on any of the included links to get 15% off your order.

1. B-12

B-12 is an underrated supplement for athletes. Many runners are deficient in this supplement including those that eat meat. B-12 is vital for producing red blood cells and increasing blood volume. This helps enhance your muscles oxygen carrying capacity which enhances performance, optimizes recovery and increases energy levels. We recommend a sub-lingual B-12 such as Hammer’s Xobaline.

2. Omega-3’s

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal health. They specifically help athletes reduce inflammation which can reduce pain and enhance recovery. We recommend getting your omega-3’s from plant-based sources such as flax, hemp or chia seeds.

3. Iron

According to the World Health Organization, iron deficiency is the top nutrition disorder worldwide.  Iron is important for red blood cell production and increasing blood volume. Sufficient iron levels help you run more efficiently, breath easier and perform optimally. We recommend getting blood tests, specifically your ferritin levels, to see if you are deficient in iron.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric has been proven to reduce inflammation thus speeding up recovery. How quickly you recover between runs is an important part of your training program. You can put dried turmeric in your dishes or fresh turmeric in smoothies. Tissue Rejuvenator from Hammer is a effective supplement containing turmeric that helps speed up recovery.

5. Beets

Beets are scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance because of their high levels of nitrates. We suggest putting beets in a smoothie before your run or race but be sure to consume it 2-3 hours beforehand. Fully Charged is another product you can use that contains high levels of nitrates from beets.

***Consult your physician before taking new supplements

Happy Running,

Lindsey Hintz, M.S. Nutrition for Sports Performance

Improve Your Running Quickly & Easily

Runners of all levels can quickly benefit from simple adjustments to their training. No matter if you’re a beginning runner or competitive athlete, here are a few suggestions to help you run quicker, farther and with fewer injuries.DSC_0630

    1. Train smarter, not harder: Most runners can reach their goals running just 3-4 days a week. The key is training correctly. Each run you do should have purpose whether it be an easy ‘active recovery’ day, hard workout, long run or rest day. Your training plan should fit conveniently into your weekly schedule while getting you the results you want. Periodizing your training is important for preventing injuries, burn out and making consistent progress. Taking specific scheduled rest days or even rest weeks throughout the year is an invaluable tool for becoming a better runner. This specific process is where your body adapts and recovers from harder training cycles helping you to maximize your training results from all your hard work. Having a training plan  and a coach can ensure you train correctly.
    2.  Improve your running technique: We’ve been coaching athletes for almost 10 years and have found that this is the quickest and oftentimes easiest way for runners to run quicker, farther and with fewer injuries. The key is making sure you are making the correct changes for YOU. There are many books and websites with helpful information out there but a running technique specialist (like us of course!) will help you make gains the quickest and most effectively. Try this tip to get started: Use a metronome app to measure your cadence (steps per min) when you run. Most runners should fall between 170-180 steps/minute which will help reduce braking forces that slow you down and increase impact. Focus on smaller steps, not running quicker and see how running becomes easier.
    3. Improve your nutrition: Oftentimes the most overlooked part of a runner’s training plan is nutrition. Athletes don’t realize that small changes in your nutrition can greatly help you recover quicker, lose weight and gain energy. You do not have to radically alter your diet. However, small improvements over time will make you feel and run better which will motivate you to continue to eat well. Try this recovery smoothie from our nutrition expert to help reduce inflammation and pain.
    4. Incorporate ‘marginal gains’: Learning how elite athletes train, eat and recover can greatly benefit your running. These tips and tricks should easy to do AND effective! Many runners know about the benefits of foam rolling, massage and even altitude tents. But there are lots of other simple things you can specifically do to run better. Take your training to the next level by learning from pros. Try this after your next run:  30 minutes after your run, lay on your back with your legs up on a chair for 5-10 minutes. This will help ‘flush’ out your legs as well as let your body and mind recover quickly for your next run.

We at Wholistic Running are dedicated to coaching runners of all levels run better. We specialize in helping runners reach and exceed their goals quickly around their busy schedule. We offer Online Coaching, technique analysis, nutritional coaching and much more. Find out more here….

Happy Running,

Damian & Lindsey

Exceed Your 2019 Health & Running Goals!

Happy New Year from the coaches at Wholistic Running! We’re here to motivate, inspire and guide you to be your best in 2019. Whether your goals are to lose weight, run a 5k, PR a marathon or finish an ultra-marathon, we can help you every step of the way to ensure that you exceed your goals while having fun.


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Dark Chocolate Chip No-Bake Super Food Maca Truffle Bites














Heat small frying pan over low heat and add the coconut, stirring constantly (about 1 minute). Toast lightly until coconut is amber in color. Coconut can burn very easily so make sure you pay attention to this step.

Place Medjool dates in a blender along with 1/4 c and blend on low setting gradually increasing until dates have been made into a paste. Add the toasted coconut, almond flour, cocoa powder, Maca, palm sugar and sea salt and keep blending on low. Then add the almond butter, vanilla and coconut extract until a dough has formed.

Stop the machine and check the consistency. The dough should stick together easily between two fingers when pinched. You may need to add water if the dough is too dry, but only dd 1/4 t at a time. If too wet, add additional almond flour. again in small amounts.

Transfer to a bowl and mix in the dark chocolate chunks and cocoa nibs. Using clean hands, grab about a T at a time and roll together to form a tight ball.

Keep cool in fridge until ready to serve. (I like to freeze mine in parchment paper and save for a healthy after dinner bite). Makes about 1 1/2 dozen and only takes about 15 minutes to prepare.

Happy New Year,

Damian & Lindsey

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Damian & Lindsey



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Happy Holidays,

Damian & Lindsey



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Damian & Lindsey



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Reduce Impact & Run More Efficiently Quick Tip

Optimal cadence for most runners is around 170-185 steps per minute. Unfortunately, most runners have a lower cadence and as a result run with more impact, more effort and a slower pace. By finding your optimal cadence (and most likely increasing it) you’ll find that running is easier and you feel lighter. You will have less braking forces so less pain in your knees, back, feet and hips.

To practice finding your optimal cadence, use a running metronome or metronome app on your smartphone. Play with between 170-185 steps per minute. To achieve this cadence, do NOT run faster. Instead, take smaller steps. Focus on opening your stride behind you and not out in front of you. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Running,

Damian & Lindsey

Plant Based Nutrition Tips & Recipe

Many people are switching to a plant based diet for performance and health benefits. Benefits include more energy, weight loss, injury prevention, enhance recovery and more.

As a plant-based athlete on the prestigious list of ‘Greatest Vegan Athletes‘, I can attest to the power of a plant-based diet. It has allowed me to run 40 ultra marathons (mostly 50 and 100 mile races) without a significant injury for 12 years. Eating plant-based has helped my performance, reduced injuries and gives me tremendous energy. A plant-based diet has not only helped me but countless other athletes as and this is why Wholistic Running offers Nutritional Consulting and Online Coaching to help you perform and feel your best.

Quick & easy performance & recovery smoothie:kale-berry-smoothie

16 oz plant-based milk
1 T chia or flax seeds
1 scoop plant-based Hammer Vegan protein
1 T maca
1 ripe banana
1 cup fresh or frozen mixed berries
1/2 inch slice of fresh ginger or turmeric (optional)
1 cup spinach or kale

Add ingredients, blend & enjoy!

Not only am I certified in Plant-Based Nutriton from Cornell, but our nutritional expert Lindsey Hintz, M.S. in Nutrition for Athletic Performance, founder of Wholicious Living and certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell is a leader in health and nutrition. She has been plant-based since 2001.


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Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator          Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein Bars         Vegan Recoverite

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Damian Stoy, founder of Wholistic Running

Need Motivation? Run with Purpose!

Running with purpose everyday will help you enjoy running more and reach your goals. You’ll feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment which will keep you motivated and going strong. Here are some examples of how to give your runs each and everyday a sense of purpose.

  1. Practice efficient running technique:  Doing so is a form of moving meditation that will calm your mind and help you relax. The benefits include fewer injuries, easier running and more speed as well.
  2. Choose to run easy with enjoyment:  Yes, that’s right. I’m a coach and professional runner telling you to run most of your runs ‘easy’. Stop and smell the roses more often. Doing so will not only be more enjoyable but allow you to actively recover so your harder workout days will go better and be more beneficial.
  3. Workouts should be hard (but not dreadful): Running workouts gives you a sense of accomplishment and oftentimes euphoria after the run. The benefits include greater fitness and speed.
  4. Just run for fun: Many of your runs can and should be just to go out and enjoy the art of running and movement. If you can, running trails is the easiest place to do this. Forget about the watch, your pace and time. Just go out with no expectations and have fun.
  5. Choose specific long-term goals:  By training for a future race, losing weight, running for a charity or increasing your health, you’ll be more likely to stick with running. A daily reminder of why you run is helpful to keep you going.

So before you go out for your next run, find some purpose and give it a try. You’ll be surprised by the satisfaction you’ll feel after your run.

Happy Running,