What is Wholistic Running?

Founded in 2010 by professional runner Damian Stoy, Wholistic Running helps every level of runner. We have helped hundreds of runners by utilizing the latest in scientific based running technique, training programs, nutrition and our own professional runner expertise to help runners reduce pain, injuries and impact while increasing performance and enjoyment.

Our approach to helping you reach your goals is comprehensive:

  • Learn our low-impact running technique to reduce injuries
  • Get individualized training plans for optimal performance
  • One of a kind coaching from two certified coaches & professional runners
  • You get personal attention, solutions and dedicated motivational support
  • Nutritional recommendations for optimal recovery, performance and weight loss

You get quick, easy and effective results from our coaching plans. We share our expertise and vast experience to help you reach your goals.

  • Run more efficiently =  Run faster, farther, easier
  • Run with less impact = Run injury-free
  • Train smarter, not harder = Your best results ever
  • Optimize nutrition = Lose weight, gain energy, feel better

Read how Damian and Lindsey has helped so many people!