Podcast, Marginal Gains & Optimal Performance

We hope your summer and training is going well! We at Wholistic Running believe in a comprehensive, wholistic approach to health and fitness. Seeing results is all about marginal gains whether it be through nutrition, recovery, training, technique and mental strategies.

Damian discusses nutrition, training & more on the Finding Your Five Podcast

A comprehensive approach to achieving your goals is often most effective. Adjusting your training, nutrition or biomechanics – even if it’s just a slight improvement – leads to enormous gains over time. Our Online Coaching provides you with not just a training plan, but personalized tips that elite runners use to perform and feel their best. Find out more HERE.

“I just ran my fastest marathon with the help of Damian’s coaching. His plan is easy to follow and I learned so much about running and training that I didn’t know existed.” – Jenny S., Salt Lake City, UT

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-Damian Stoy, coach and founder of Wholistic Running