Run faster, farther & healthier with this tip

I’d like to share with you how to run faster, farther & with fewer injuries by simply improving your running technique. Down below I’ll share with you an easy tip to get started right away.

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Damian in Tetons

Every sport practices technique. Why would running be any different? The better your running technique is the more efficient you will run. You’ll have fewer injuries, run faster and be able to run farther.

As a biomechanics and running technique specialist, when I watch kids run they run completely different from most adults. Yes, we are born to run. Unfortunately, we ‘forget’ how. The reasons are many. We are taught to overstride, we lose core engagement because we sit so much, many of us have poor posture and alignment and most shoes promote an excessive heel strike. Fortunately we can break these poor habits and create new efficient ones fairly easily.

What improving your running technique will do for you:

  1. Fewer injuries, less pain and decreased fatigue: Improving your technique will reduce impact and improve alignment.
  2. Run faster: You will run more efficiently and you’ll save energy.
  3. Enjoy running more: Running is easier and more fun.
  4. Run farther: You’ll be able to train more frequently with less fatigue, fewer injuries and quicker recovery time.
  5. Hills: Run uphill easier and downhill without less pain.

Give this tip a try on your next run:

Finding your optimal running cadence (steps per minute) has been found to quickly improve running biomechanics. Your optimal cadence depends on many variables and the individual runner. In general, the shorter you are (or more accurately, the shorter your legs are), the higher your cadence is relative to other runners. Most runners have an optimal cadence of 170-180 steps per minute which will slightly vary with your running pace. Unfortunately, most adult runners have too low of a running cadence resulting in poor running technique.

How to practice higher cadence?

The focus is to SHORTEN your stride, not to run faster. Be sure to open up your stride BEHIND you and not out in front of you. You can download a metronome app on your phone or many GPS watches nowadays have cadence features. Play with your cadence shooting for around 170-180 steps per minute. At first, it may feel awkward and like you are taking short steps, but this will feel better and very beneficial after some practice. Over time, you’ll notice less impact on your joints, faster recovery and a quicker pace with more ease.

Happy Running,
Damian Stoy