Online Coaching

Would you like to run faster with fewer injuries and have more fun? Would you like to lose weight and gain more energy? You can have your own personal coach to guide you along the way and learn the same tools the elites use to perform better and save time. Damian is a renowned coach and professional runner who offer a comprehensive approach for getting results and keeping you motivated.

“Since being coached by Damian, I’ve set a PR in my 10k and marathon. More importantly, my knees don’t hurt anymore”.
                                        -R. Clark from Boise, ID

No matter what level of runner you are, Damian will help you achieve your goals. You will spend less time training while getting better results with their proven methods. Get answers, advice and results.

With each coaching package you get:

  • Custom, personalized training plans:  Maximize training for your schedule & save time
  • In person lessons and training
  • A professional coach to motivate and guide you along the way
  • Run better and more efficiently with our Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement Plan
  • Nutritional Coaching: Feel better, perform optimally, lose weight
  • Race Planning: Learn how to optimally prepare and perform at any distance
  • Runner Specific Exercises:  Simple & personalized for you
  • Optional video analysis included

Damian gives you detailed and quick responses to all your questions and dedicated support during your entire plan. Everything you need to be your best is included. Packages may be used at any time.

1 Month Package:  $225                  express-checkout-paypal

3 Months Package: $625         express-checkout-paypal

6 Months Package: $975         express-checkout-paypal

12 Months Package: $1875