Improve your training & enhance your digestion

You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat.” But more accurately, you are what you digest and assimilate. When you eat a nutrient dense diet AND absorb nutrients more efficiently, you’ll maximize improvements in your training and daily life.

Coach Lindsey Hintz loves pushing her body to her limits. She works with a sports performance doctor who has recommended she increase her ferritin levels (stored iron) to compete at a higher level. For two years she has tried just about everything and the only thing that has helped raise her ferritin levels significantly are iron infusions which are costly and not a sustainable long term answer. Fortunately, we came across Equal Access, a supplement that shows promising research in increasing blood iron levels as well as other micronutrients.

Both of us were pretty skeptical at first but after using Equal Access for over 6 months, Lindsey can confidently say Equal Access helped significantly raise and maintain her ferritin levels at similar levels to iron infusions but without the drop in between infusions. She gets blood tests monthly and her ferritin has increased from 22 ng/ml to 74 ng/ml in less than 6 months. Along with increased ferritin, Lindsey’s recovery is quicker, she has more sustained energy during the day and her average running pace has increased nearly 25 seconds per mile.

So what is Equal Access?

Equal Access is a nutritional enzyme, phytase, designed to give you access to more of the nutrients in food you eat. The micronutrients zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium are bound in foods by phytate, a powerful anti-nutrient that blocks your access to these critical nutrients. With Equal Access, you regain access to these nutrients. Studies show that phytase use can decrease iron deficiency by 75% and zinc deficiency by more than 36%. You can find out more about Equal Access HERE.

Many of you know that we wouldn’t recommend something we haven’t tried ourselves AND received long term, consistent results with. Also, we don’t recommend anything that isn’t supported by science and research. To read more about the science showing the benefits of phytase use, click HERE.

If you’re looking for more energy, quicker recovery or enhanced digestion, give Equal Access a try.  For 10% OFF, use the code ‘WHOLISTICRUNNING’ at checkout.

Happy Running,

Damian Stoy, founder of Wholistic Running