Competitive Runners

Being a professional, sponsored endurance athlete with a couple course records, Damian knows what it takes to perform optimally.  Damian is also a running biomechanics specialist and renowned coach.  Using a wide variety of ‘secret weapons’, Damian wants to share with you how to perform your best.  Technique being the foundation for success, Damian can help you run faster and farther with less effort.  Biomechanically correct running form increases speed and efficiency while reducing injuries and recovery time.  Reduce impact and gain speed at the same time.

Using years of racing experience, Damian can help you reach your full potential.  Combining technique with specific training, nutrition and mental focuses, Damian has found a wholistic way of becoming an elite athlete.

Feel free to ask Damian what he does to maximize performance and allow him show you a very efficient running technique for maximum efficiency and speed.  The quickest, easiest and most effective way to learn is from Damian, a certified running instructor.  His attention to detail and trusted expertise has tremendous results.