Increase your energy & enhance your performance

As athletes we are always looking for that edge to become better at our craft. One way we do exactly that is by eating a diet rich in whole plant foods such as fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes.

This way of eating is very nutrient dense so our bodies are getting more out of each bite. The higher the nutrient content of food, the more available it is for our bodies to reap the benefits and also recover faster to go at it again the next day.

However, plants don’t want their seeds to be eaten before they have a chance to sprout. Plants contain phytate, which is like a self-protective coating for them to store phosphorus and other nutrients for when it’s time to sprout and grow. This can make some whole plant foods difficult to digest for some people.

We only are able to utilize what we assimilate so that’s why it’s important to use a supplement like Equal Access to ensure that every single nutrient is being utilized by our body. Equal Access  contains phytase, a digestive enzyme that helps our bodies to absorb important minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. These minerals are otherwise bound in our food by an anti-nutrient called phytate which Equal Access counteracts.

We’ve been taking Equal Access for over a year and have noticed increased energy, better digestion, reduced PMS symptoms and an increase in all minerals on our blood panel results. Give it a try to see what Equal Access can do for you. Check out

Happy Running,

Coach Lindsey Hintz