Injured Runners

“Running does not cause injuries.  Running incorrectly causes injuries.”

Reduce, prevent and recover from injuries with Damian’s expertise.   Most injuries are a result of poor running technique or improper training.  Damian will teach you to run the way your body was designed thus preventing injuries and speeding up recovery. The quickest, easiest and most effective way to learn efficient running technique is from Damian.  His attention to detail and trusted expertise has tremendous results with runners of all levels.

Read Damian’s story about how he now runs injury-free after doctors said he would never run again because of chronic running injures. Sometimes running 100+ miles a week, Damian hasn’t been injured in over 10 years.

Damian will address your injury by looking at not just the symptoms but the actual cause as well. Running injuries are often the result of improper biomechanics which causes excessive impact and strain as well as improper training. Let Damian help you heal faster so you can recover and get back to running as quickly as possible. The benefits will last your entire life.