Delicious smoothie recipe & better digestion

What AND when you eat before a run is important especially if it’s a workout or race. Digestive problems are an all too common issue for runners during a run. That’s the last thing you want especially during a race! Needing to go to the bathroom, nausea and cramping can all be prevented if you eat correctly and you especially if you combine it with a high quality enzyme supplement like Equal Access.

Your meal needs to be easy to digest, familiar to your body, timed correctly and provide the proper nutrients for you to run well.


An ‘athlete inspired’ smoothie can be the perfect pre-run choice because it is easy to digest and provides a high amount of complex carbohydrates to fuel your run. Ideally, you want to eat your meal at least 2-3 hours before your run to allow your body time to process what you eat. Make sure you try out any new recipe well in advance of a race to make sure it is compatible with your body. Finally, adding specific ingredients to your meal can help you improve your performance.

Give our ‘athlete inspired’ pre-race smoothie recipe a try before your next run and feel how it improves your performance. It’s quick and easy to digest and gives you the energy you need for your run. The beets provide nitrates that are scientifically proven to enhance performance. The berries and optional ginger and turmeric provide anti-oxidants and decrease inflammation.

12 oz water or almond milk
1/4 cup fresh beet chopped
2 medium bananas
1 cup fresh or frozen berries
1/4 inch slice of fresh ginger
1/4 inch slice of fresh turmeric (optional)

Put ingredients in blender until thoroughly blended and enjoy 2 hours before your run. Combine with Equal Access for optimal results.

So what is Equal Access?

Equal Access is a nutritional enzyme, phytase, designed to give you access to more of the nutrients in food you eat. The micronutrients zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium are bound in foods by phytate, a powerful anti-nutrient that blocks your access to these critical nutrients. With Equal Access, you regain access to these nutrients. Studies show that phytase use can decrease iron deficiency by 75% and zinc deficiency by more than 36%. You can find out more about Equal Access HERE

Many of you know that we wouldn’t recommend something we haven’t tried ourselves AND received long term, consistent results with. Also, we don’t recommend anything that isn’t supported by science and research. To read more about the science showing the benefits of phytase use, click HERE.

If you’re looking for more energy, quicker recovery or enhanced digestion, give Equal Access a try.  For 10% OFF, use the code ‘WHOLISTICRUNNING’ at checkout.

Happy Running,

Lindsey Hintz, M.S. Nutrition for Sports Performance