Why running technique matters

Every other sport practices technique. Why would running be any different? The more efficient you run the fewer injuries you will have, the faster you will run and you will have less fatigue.

As a biomechanics specialist, when I watch kids run they run completely different from most adults. Yes we are born to run. Unfortunately, we ‘forget’ how. The reasons are Damian in Tetonsmany. We are taught to overstride, we lose core engagement because we sit so much, many of us have poor posture and alignment and most shoes promote an excessive heel strike. Fortunately we can break these poor habits and create new efficient ones fairly easily.

When runners run inefficiently, they are more likely to get injured, fatigue quicker and have more pain. After runners learn how to run more efficiently, they run with less impact, fewer injuries, more speed and greater ease. Unfortunately, there is a LOT of poor information out there regarding running technique. The key is learning from an expert who has gotten results for them self AND gets results for others.

Damian Stoy is now a professional ultra marathon runner who has been injury-free for over 9 years. But years ago he use to suffer from many chronic running injuries. The solution for him was fixing his running technique. Since 2010, he has taught hundreds of runners how to run better, faster and pain-free.

Damian teaches workshops, private lessons and offers online coaching & online technique guidance plans. Click on each to learn more.