Train Smarter Not Harder

Now is the time of year to solidify your running goals and gradually lay the foundation for a successful year of running. Getting results is all about consistency, gradual progress and training smarter not harder. Our passion is helping runners achieve their goals no matter what they may be.

What do we mean by ‘train smarter not harder’?

Everyone responds differently to training. We’ve coached runners in everything from 100 meters to 100 mile races running less than they ever have in their life while getting their best results ever. For example, we’ve coached runners to PR (personal record) in 100 mile races ‘only’ running 3 days a week. The secret is that more isn’t always better. Instead, we use a system that gets results based on quality and listening to each individual’s unique responses both physiologically and mentally. Some runners need more motivation, some need more mileage, some need less mileage, some need race preparation expertise and some need help with their nutrition in order to get the results they desire.

By taking a wholistic approach to training, runner’s are more likely to get the results they desire whether they be to run their fastest race, lose weight, gain strength, increase their energy or overcome chronic injuries. Contrary to what some may people, wholistic doesn’t mean more work for you. It means finding what specifically benefits you by listening and adapting your training optimally. That’s where we differ from almost every other coach out there. We customize training plans AND adapt them to optimize results. We don’t give out generic one-size-fits-all training plans that often lead to poor results, burn out or injury.

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Happy Running,

Damian & Lindsey