Father’s Day Gifts & Specials

What better gift is there for your father than helping him do what he loves? Give him the gift that makes a difference and lasts – personal online coaching from professional runners & coaches.

“With Damian’s coaching, I dropped my fastest 10k time by over 4 minutes.  Running feels easier and I’m way faster.” – Mark Simmons

Our one-of-a-kind comprehensive online coaching packages help everyone from beginner to competitive runners. With dedicated motivation & support from professionals, dads will love this gift.

Each coaching package includes:

  • Custom, personalized training plans:  Maximize training for your schedule & save time
  • Run better, more efficient & pain-free with our Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement Plans
  • Nutritional Coaching: Lose weight and thrive
  • Race Planning: Learn how to optimally prepare and perform at any distance
  • Runner Specific Exercises:  Simple & personalized
  • Optional Online Video Analysis.  Learn more…

Online coaching also includes optional weekly phone or Skype calls and unlimited email communications. Damian and Lindsey give you detailed and quick responses to all your questions and unlimited support during your entire plan. Everything you need to be your best is included. Gift Certificates can be used at ANY time.


1 Month Online Coaching Package: $145            express-checkout-paypal

3 Months Package Online Coaching Package:  $395       express-checkout-paypal

6 Months Online Coaching Package:  $650              express-checkout-paypal