Huge SALE & Running Tip!

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Reduce Impact & Run More Efficiently Quick Tip

Optimal cadence for most runners is around 170-185 steps per minute. Unfortunately, most runners have a lower cadence and as a result run with more impact, more effort and a slower pace. By finding your optimal cadence (and most likely increasing it) you’ll find that running is easier and you feel lighter. You will have less braking forces so less pain in your knees, back, feet and hips.

To practice finding your optimal cadence, use a running metronome or metronome app on your smartphone. Play with between 170-185 steps per minute. To achieve this cadence, do NOT run faster. Instead, take smaller steps. Focus on opening your stride behind you and not out in front of you. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Running,

Damian & Lindsey