Easy, Quick Ways to Improve Your Running

All runners want to get better and for some that means running faster and others it means running farther, injury-free or with more joy. Whatever your goals are, we at Wholistic Running are here to help. Here are two suggestions you can do today that are easy and can have tremendous benefits to your running and health.

Healthy fats are an important part of everyone’s diet especially for athletes. Omega Sport+ is a new product from Flora that offers more than just healthy fats. The turmeric in it enhances recovery by reducing inflammation and providing lots of anti-oxidants. MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) from coconut oil provide lasting energy for all athletes and vitamin D is essential for overall health. A a plant-based athlete, this is a great product I use daily to improve my running and overall health.


All runners should strive to become a more efficient runner. Doing so greatly reduces your chances of injury and helps you run faster AND easier. The quickest and simplest way to become more efficient is by having an expert analyze your technique AND give quick, simple suggestions that can help right away.

Check out our Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement Plans and Online Coaching Plans to learn more about how you can start running more efficiently today and get your running technique analyzed by experts.

Try this tip to get started: Use a metronome app to measure your cadence (steps per min) when you run. Most runners should fall between 170-180 steps/minute which will help reduce braking forces that slow you down and increase impact.

Happy Running,

Damian Stoy