UConn FASTER study and blood test results

I’d like to share my comprehensive blood test results from the UConn FASTER study and their Human Performance Lab. They are studying elite ultra endurance athletes with varying diets. I’ve been vegan or vegetarian for 13 out of the past 14 years and the past 16 months I’ve been eating a ‘fruitarian’ high carb diet.

Bottom line: My results were about perfect. The study showed I use fuel very efficiently, my nutrient levels are where I want them to be as well as my cholesterol, protein, urea, hematocrit, hormones, triglycerides, body fat %, lipoproteins and much more that they tested.

Damian received a Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell and offers Nutritional Coaching.

FASTER results-page-001FASTER results-page-003

FASTER results-page-004 FASTER results-page-002View my complete lipoprotein and cholesterol results HERE