Ridge Run Tips

Are you running the Bridger Ridge Run? Here are some race day tips to help you have your best race possible.

1. To prevent stomach issues and increase performance, don’t eat too much for breakfast or the night before. Before races, I usually eat about 2 bananas or about 400 calories of Hammer Perpetuem for breakfast. I eat dinner the night before by 5pm and it’s usually a fruit and greens smoothie which is easy to digest.img_01231

2. During the race, focus on efficient technique. For uphills, I focus on high cadence and not pushing off which both greatly save energy. Allow yourself to fall into the uphill, there is no need to push off which wastes a lot of energy. For downhills, I focus on engaging my lower abs and high cadence which minimizes impact and reduces fatigue. The downhills are where you can conserve energy and make up the most time. Efficient technique will also help with the rocks and technical terrain by helping with balance and reducing fatigue.

3. Start slow and walk the steep uphills. You can most likely speed walk the uphills faster than running and save a lot of energy. Folks are surprised to hear that I speed walk most of the uphills. I ran the 2011 BRR in 3:40 and probably walked 40 minutes of the uphills.

4. During the race, shoot for about 120-200 calories per hour of easily digestible, high carbohydrate foods such as Hammer Gels, Heed or bananas. Depending on the weather, drink about 12-20 oz of water per hour. Also, a couple of Endurolytes an hour will help prevent cramping and fatigue. Get Perpetuem, Endurolytes, gels, Heed and other Hammer products 15% off HERE.

5. Go out and have fun! Enjoy the scenery and beauty of running in the mountains. Meet new friends and focus on relaxing and having fun. Not only will the race be more enjoyable, but you’ll probably perform better.

I hope these tips help you have a fantastic race! Share this blog with friends running the race and look for my Ridge Run recovery tips later this week.