Nutritional Coaching

Damian Stoy and Lindsey Hintz 1069065_10151524780257724_1692259376_noffer nutritional coaching that can help anyone live a life full of high energy and optimal health. They believe everyone can thrive if they are open to simple, straightforward changes that make dramatic improvements in health and well being. They do not believe in restrictive and strict ‘diets’ but instead believe in the healing power of delicious food. With their help, you can be on the path of health, happiness and vitality.

DSC_0342Lindsey Hintz, M.S. in Holistic Nutrition for Athletic Performance, founder of Wholicious Living is an expert in health and nutrition as well as an accomplished runner. Lindsey also has a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell. She has helped many people overcome health issues and live a life full of happiness and optimal health.

Damian Stoy earned a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell and coaches and consults people all over the world. He is passionate about helping people reach and exceed their individual goals.

•  Lose weight   •  Increase energy   • Be vibrant    • Improve digestion   • Perform better   • Save time   • Recover quicker

When you sign up for online coaching, you get a complete nutritional coaching and recommendations during your entire coaching packing. Lindsey and Damian work with you on where you are at and make nutrition fun, tasty AND easy. You can find more info HERE