Nutritional Coaching

Our comprehensive nutritional coaching get you the results you want:

  • Learn how to enjoy food as fuel and nourishment by choosing high nutrient-dense and delicious options
  • Identify and eliminate/reduce foods that may be causing symptoms such as weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, irritability and cravings
  • graduate-badgeLearn which foods help improve performance, enhance recovery and help you be a better athlete
  • Meal plan and menus designed specifically for you
  • Learn simple tips to help you make significant changes over time
  • Find out why I’m not an advocate of diets or calorie counting
  • Learn how you can actually SAVE money on groceries
  • Find out what common allergens are and why to avoid them
  • Athletes will learn how to best fuel your body for optimum health and peak athletic performance

Purchase any online running coaching package and nutritional coaching is included!


Initial Consultation
This 60 minute comprehensive session is loaded with indispensable information and resources to get you on your way to empowering yourself, restoring and revitalizing your mind, body, spirit and guiding you on your path to a LIFE-changing, HAPPY and Wholicious YOU.  Consultations are open to anyone world wide via Skype, phone or email. In-person consultations are available in Park City, Utah.  Register HERE. Lindsey will contact you with everything you need to get started.



Follow-up Session
45 minute follow-up sessions are for anyone who has already completed the initial consultation. Follow-ups are specifically designed to help keep you on target, help you with any issues as they arise, answer questions, provide moral and emotional support and help you continue to fine-tune the Wholicious Living philosophy to compliment your lifestyle. We are all about helping YOU live up to your FULLEST potential.  We want you to THRIVE! Register HERE. Lindsey will contact you with everything you need to get started. 

“Wholicious Living and Lindsey’s expertise helped me transform my lifestyle and now I have more energy to do what I love.”   – B. Collins