Nutritional Coaching

Our nutritional coaching gets you the results you want:


  • lose weight, gain energy and feel better
  • improve performance, enhance recovery and reduce injuries
  • more energy, strength and stamina
  • better digestion and elimination
  • deeper, more restful sleep
  • natural, long-lasting weight loss
  • learn how to thrive on a plant-based diet
  • become an inspiring example of health for those you love
  • find lasting motivation
  • age beautifully and have greater self-confidence
  • learn how you can actually save money on groceries

Purchase any coaching package and nutritional coaching is included!


Initial Consultation
This 60 minute comprehensive session is loaded with indispensable information and resources to get you on your way to empowering yourself, restoring and revitalizing your mind, body, spirit and guiding you on your path to a life-changing, happy and vibrant life. In-person consultations are available in Park City, Utah. Register HERE.


Follow-up Session

45 minute follow-up sessions are for anyone who has already completed the initial consultation. Follow-ups are specifically designed to help keep you on target, help you with any issues as they arise, answer questions, provide moral and emotional support and help you continue to fine-tune the Wholicious Living philosophy to compliment your lifestyle. We are all about helping you live up to your fullest potential.  We help you THRIVE! Register HERE. We will contact you with everything you need to get started.

“Damian’s expertise helped me transform my lifestyle, lose weight and now I have more energy to do what I love.”   – B. Collins