Improve Your Running Quickly & Easily

Runners of all levels can quickly benefit from simple adjustments to their training. No matter if you’re a beginning runner or competitive athlete, here are a few suggestions to help you run quicker, farther and with fewer injuries.DSC_0630

    1. Train smarter, not harder: Most runners can reach their goals running just 3-4 days a week. The key is training correctly. Each run you do should have purpose whether it be an easy ‘active recovery’ day, hard workout, long run or rest day. Your training plan should fit conveniently into your weekly schedule while getting you the results you want. Periodizing your training is important for preventing injuries, burn out and making consistent progress. Taking specific scheduled rest days or even rest weeks throughout the year is an invaluable tool for becoming a better runner. This specific process is where your body adapts and recovers from harder training cycles helping you to maximize your training results from all your hard work. Having a training plan  and a coach can ensure you train correctly.
    2.  Improve your running technique: We’ve been coaching athletes for almost 10 years and have found that this is the quickest and oftentimes easiest way for runners to run quicker, farther and with fewer injuries. The key is making sure you are making the correct changes for YOU. There are many books and websites with helpful information out there but a running technique specialist (like us of course!) will help you make gains the quickest and most effectively. Try this tip to get started: Use a metronome app to measure your cadence (steps per min) when you run. Most runners should fall between 170-180 steps/minute which will help reduce braking forces that slow you down and increase impact. Focus on smaller steps, not running quicker and see how running becomes easier.
    3. Improve your nutrition: Oftentimes the most overlooked part of a runner’s training plan is nutrition. Athletes don’t realize that small changes in your nutrition can greatly help you recover quicker, lose weight and gain energy. You do not have to radically alter your diet. However, small improvements over time will make you feel and run better which will motivate you to continue to eat well. Try this recovery smoothie from our nutrition expert to help reduce inflammation and pain.
    4. Incorporate ‘marginal gains’: Learning how elite athletes train, eat and recover can greatly benefit your running. These tips and tricks should easy to do AND effective! Many runners know about the benefits of foam rolling, massage and even altitude tents. But there are lots of other simple things you can specifically do to run better. Take your training to the next level by learning from pros. Try this after your next run:  30 minutes after your run, lay on your back with your legs up on a chair for 5-10 minutes. This will help ‘flush’ out your legs as well as let your body and mind recover quickly for your next run.

We at Wholistic Running are dedicated to coaching runners of all levels run better. We specialize in helping runners reach and exceed their goals quickly around their busy schedule. We offer Online Coaching, technique analysis, nutritional coaching and much more. Find out more here….

Happy Running,

Damian & Lindsey