Need Motivation? Run with Purpose!

Running with purpose everyday will help you enjoy running more and reach your goals. You’ll feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment which will keep you motivated and going strong. Here are some examples of how to give your runs each and everyday a sense of purpose.

  1. Practice efficient running technique:  Doing so is a form of moving meditation that will calm your mind and help you relax. The benefits include fewer injuries, easier running and more speed as well.
  2. Choose to run easy with enjoyment:  Yes, that’s right. I’m a coach and professional runner telling you to run most of your runs ‘easy’. Stop and smell the roses more often. Doing so will not only be more enjoyable but allow you to actively recover so your harder workout days will go better and be more beneficial.
  3. Workouts should be hard (but not dreadful): Running workouts gives you a sense of accomplishment and oftentimes euphoria after the run. The benefits include greater fitness and speed.
  4. Just run for fun: Many of your runs can and should be just to go out and enjoy the art of running and movement. If you can, running trails is the easiest place to do this. Forget about the watch, your pace and time. Just go out with no expectations and have fun.
  5. Choose specific long-term goals:  By training for a future race, losing weight, running for a charity or increasing your health, you’ll be more likely to stick with running. A daily reminder of why you run is helpful to keep you going.

So before you go out for your next run, find some purpose and give it a try. You’ll be surprised by the satisfaction you’ll feel after your run.

Happy Running,