Which Shoes are Best for You?

One of the most common questions we get is, “Which shoes should I wear?” The right shoe for you won’t automatically make you run better. But the right shoe for you may help prevent injuries, reduce fatigue and provide adequate comfort and support specifically for your body allowing you to run your best. Keep reading to find out what we as professional runners and coaches recommend!AFW1734F_PinkOrange_btn4_xl.jpg

To answer that question, it’s best to know how much you run, what your running biomechanics are, the terrain you run on, as well as several other variables that help you select the best shoe. This is one reason a professional running coach is so helpful in helping you reach your running goals.

We at Wholistic Running are big fans of shoes that have a roomy toe box allowing your foot to do what it’s supposed to do when you run. This is just one of many shoe characteristics for deciding which shoe is best for you. You may also want to look for shoes that are ‘zero drop’, provide adequate cushion and stability and proven to be durable over time.

Again, the optimal shoe for all depends on your biomechanics, goals and more. That’s where we come in as professional coaches. We can help you choose the best shoes so you are running your best.

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