4 Quick Steps to Better Running

Who doesn’t want to be a better runner? Follow these steps to run happier, faster, longer and with fewer injuries.

  1. Technique: Improving your running economy and efficiency can give you immediate results. You’ll run lighter, smoother and easier. There is no one solution for everyone so be sure to follow expert running technique advice. HERE are some of our tips to get started.
  2. Nutrition: Improving what you eat can lead to quicker recovery, weight loss and easier running in surprisingly little time. Again, everyone is different so find what works for you but for most people, eating a diet high in whole plant-based foods works incredibly well.
  3. Coaching & training: You don’t need to run more to run better. But you do need to run smarter. This is where having a proper training plan and coach is essential. They will help develop a training plan that emphasizes periodization and gradual progress. Once again, everyone is different so finding what works for you can be challenging but is essential for long term running success.
  4. Recovery tips: Learning how to recover properly will transform your active lifestyle. You’ll be able to do more of what you love with less discomfort and injury. Give foam rolling and self massage on trigger points and sore spots a try to prevent further injuries and speed up recovery. The key is being consistent and focusing on recovery most days, even if it’s 5 minutes.

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Happy Running,

Coaches Damian & Lindsey, founders of Wholistic Running