Run the Rann 2015

Exciting news! I have been invited to participate as an elite athlete in the Run the Rann 100 mile (161 km) race this February. Run the Rann is a truly spectacular race in India’s largest salt desert and includes 4 different distances: Half-Marathon, Marathon, 101 km and 100 mile.

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Set against the silver-white landscape of India’s largest salt desert, the Great Rann of Kutch, Run the Rann is a race for the strongest.Wether you're in trouble or not, you can stop and pray your god I will be one of 150 lucky athletes over that will embark on India’s hardest trail running desert race. Cracked desert land, vast salt marshes, unforgiving cacti and a few slithery surprises like hidden quick sand, black cobras and giant monitor lizard’s claws that are definitely best to avoid are a few of the things we may encounter. We will circle the arcane ruins of Dholavira, one of the largest, grandest, most advanced metropolises of the 5000-year old Indus Valley Civilization. We will explore the island and its most remote corners, fight the temptation to quit, and meet with every surprise the Khadir Bet island has to offer, from friendly and huge gypsy buffaloes happy to come sniff our sweat to the high peaks we will climb several times to oversee the gigantic northern white desert. Run The Rann is not your average trail running race.Peacefull guardian angels. The people of Kutch have learned to live in a peacefull harmony with animals. 2 gypsy cows belonging to a young farmer boy

Run the gael-couturier-thumbRann race director, Gael Courtier, is a long distance runner and triathlete for over 20 years. He has worked for Runner’s World in France and now directs races halfway across the world. He has run over 30 marathons all around the world, finished 7 ironman triathlons, finished 5 Marathon des Sables (one the world’s most difficult races), finished 4 Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc’s (165 km non-stop with 9600 meters of elevation gain) as well as many others. RtR2

Australia_ Arizona_ Utah_ Africa_ no, no, no...Khadir bet island in the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary in Great Rann of Kutch.


Damian Stoy is the founder of Wholistic Running and has run over 30 ultra marathons winning 8 of them. He coaches runners from all over the world.