How to have more fun when you run

You can transform your running into a fun, enjoyable and life changing adventure. Here are some recommendations to do just that.

Explore new places

When you run in a new place, you get a sense of adventure and are likely to run farther than you may have on your usual route. It’s a great way to see the world, get out into nature and play.

Practice your running technique

When running is easier and less painful, it’s much more fun! By practicing an efficient, low impact running technique, you’ll do just that. Doing so also transforms running into a relaxing, meditative experience. It’s easier than you think to learn how!

Run with purpose

Choosing to run with purpose gives you a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and motivates you to run. Instead of running for ‘exercise’, to lose weight or feeling like you should or need to run a set amount of miles, instead just set out for a run without expectations. Go out, have fun and stop to smell the roses.

Find the right coach for you

A coach can help you find your passion for running again. They will help you train correctly, reach your goals and make sure you see progress in your training which is both satisfying and enjoyable. A good coach will also guide you along and let you know when you need to back off to prevent burn out or injury.

Happy Running,

Damian Stoy, founder of Wholistic Running