Exciting news! Plus my favorite smoothie recipe for runners.

I’d like to share my favorite smoothie recipe that helps with recovery, performance and weight loss. I drink 3-6 of these a day.

Also, I recently got added to the list of Great Vegan Athletes which includes 9-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis and 7-time Western States 100 winner Scott Jurek. You can check out my profile HERE.

My favorite smoothie:

2 bananas

1 cup mixed berries

2 T flax, hemp or chia seeds

1 cup of kale

12 oz of water

optional:  goji berries, Macro Greens, maca, Turmeric, Dates


Lindsey and I offer nutritional coaching for all levels of runners. Whether your goal is to lose weight, perform better or recover faster, we know exactly what it takes. We don’t believe in dieting and instead focus on real, whole foods that everyone enjoys. For more information, click HERE.

Happy Running!