Plant Based Running Coach

Would you like to run injury-free, faster and have more fun? Would you like to feel your best and have your most successful race ever?  Get answers, advice and results from a pro with any of Damian’s coaching packages.

Damian is on the prestigious list of Great Vegan Athletes and is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell. His vast experience as a long-time vegan and professional athlete will help you succeed.

  • Specific & Detailed Training Plans: Maximize training for your schedule
  • Professional coaching and personal, individualized attention
  • Technique Guidance Plan:  Run better, more efficient & pain-free
  • Pre-Race Planning: How to optimally prepare and perform well at every distance
  • Runner Specific Exercises:  6 simple exercises every runner needs
  • Optimal Nutrition: Recover faster and feel more energized
  • Technique Lessons: Easy to learn and designed specifically for you
  • Optional Online Video Analysis is included.  Learn more…
  • Professional Expertise :  Damian’s specific tips for you to run your best

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Online Coaching includes detailed monthly training plans designed specifically for you, optional online video analysis, comprehensive technique guidance & improvement plan and unlimited email communications. Damian gives you personalized, detailed and quick responses to all your questions. Everything you need to perform your best is included. Packages may be used at any time.

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