Student Testimonials

“I attended Damian’s class this past Saturday and LOVED it. I practiced over the weekend and on Monday ran a 17 mile trail run using my new techniques and oh my goodness!! I used to get really inflamed hips after running to the point of being painful to walk. I also suffered from bad shin splints…but not anymore!!! I could NOT believe that my hips didn’t hurt after my run!! I was not sore ANYWHERE!!! Thanks again Damian for all your help and expertise!!!!”

                                           – Barbara Patik, Wholistic Running student

“With Lindsey’s expertise I finally lost the weight I’ve been trying to lose for over 8 years. The best part is that I accomplished this without starving myself, dieting or buying shakes and supplements. I love food more than ever!”

– Rachel Walsch, Wholistic Running student

“With Damian’s coaching, I dropped my fastest 10k time by over 4 minutes.  Running feels easier and I’m way faster.”

-Mark Simmons, Wholistic Running student

“I use to suffer from chronic shin splints and knee pain.  I have searched and tried every method out there with no relief.   Because of Damian’s help, I am now able to run with no pain.  I cannot thank him enough.”

-Sam Bradley, Wholistic Running student

“Just wanted to share the great run I had this morning! It was almost a mile longer than I have ever run, the pace was over a minute faster per mile than usual, so that at the 5K mark it was over 3.5 minutes faster than my 5K a few weeks ago! It felt great!”

-K. Kubat, Wholistic Running student

“Before I met Damian, I was an average, SLOW runner plagued with chronic shin splints and knee pain.  After working on my technique with Damian, I am pain-free and have already shaved some time off my pace!  Now every time a friend, neighbor, family member complains of running-related injuries I can’t stop myself from inundating them with what I’ve learned from Damian because now I know there is a BETTER WAY! Damian has completely changed my running/life! Thank you Damian!!!”

-Celia Smith Christensen, Wholistic Running student

“I have more energy than ever before and my joints don’t ache anymore. I even lost 14 pounds. This was easier than I ever expected.”

– Kerry Collins, Wholistic Running student

“Thanks so much for the wonderful lesson.  It was even better than I had hoped.  After class I ran Peet’s Hill and back, concentrating on various tips you gave me.  It felt awesome!  You are not just very knowledgable on the subject, but are obviously very good at recognizing and diagnosing problems.  Furthermore, you have a great way of explaining the focuses in a way that makes them easy to visualize and carry out.  I’ve been telling everyone what a great lesson it was.”

-Chuck Swenson, Wholistic Running student

      “I had such a lovely run yesterday.  It was so peaceful and so fun to think about form instead of distance and time.  Because I wasn’t dwelling on it, I ran farther than I planned but in the same time allotted.  I love it.  I want to go again! “

-Kathi Jenkins, Wholistic Running student

“I had a great race today, it was so fun!  Thank you yet again, Damian, for teaching me proper running form.  I love running now more than ever before!  It’s so fabulous to run a 10K and feel great!  No pain whatsoever!  I’m not even sore!  Thanks, Damian!”

-Michelle Chandler, Wholistic Running student 

“Damian is a gifted running coach and accomplished ultra runner. His understanding of anatomy, movement, and nutrition is thorough and well earned. His easy going and supportive teaching style will serve you well. Most important of all is that Damian ‘s heart is in the right place enabling his passion and enthusiasm for wholistic running to inspire you. Whether you are a long time runner or new to this freeing form of movement, I highly encourage you to do a session with Damian!”

-Chris Bunting,  Wholistic Running enthusiast

“I enthusiastically recommend the services of Mr. Damian Stoy for any beginner, serious, experienced or aspiring runner. As an aging athlete who has been coached by some of the finest coaches in the world, I wholeheartedly endorse Damian Stoy as being a knowledgeable running coach and true professional. His grasp of running mechanics, combined with his intuitive and passionate style of teaching, has in short order revolutionized my running and my life! Thank you Damian, here’s to many more miles!”

-Arch Wright, Wholistic Running student

“Thanks Damian for another amazing session!  With your biomechanical knowledge and your running expertise, I have greatly improved!

-R.G., Wholistic Running student

“Damian’s help was the defining factor to be able to run with no aching muscles and running twice as far.  He has made running easier and more enjoyable.  For me, a teacher is the only way to learn his technique.  It helps to have Damian correct my form which feels different at first but is so efficient.  He really pays attention to all the little details and he has a gift for teaching.  Damian also talked about how running can become a meditation and joyful experience.  I knew I needed this!  I look forward to learning and practicing more, it helps me in everyday activities,  and most of all I’m having fun while I run.”

-Kara Herman, Wholistic Running student

“Online video analysis and coaching from Damian has changed my running and my life.  I was skeptical at first but the solutions he shared with me has taught me to run with much less pain and faster times in my 10k and marathon. He gives such detailed and specific advice that is surprisingly easy to do.”

-Daniel Richardson, Wholistic Running student