Frequently Asked Questions

Will one lesson or consultation help me?

Yes.  Students often feel benefits from just one class or a single consultation.  However, to receive life-long benefits, you must practice.  Additional classes are recommended to review, refine your technique and learn advanced skills.

I don’t live close by.  Can Damian still help me?

Yes!  Damian offers Online Coaching, consultations and Online Video Analysis for runners of all levels. It’s very effective and easy for you to set up.  Find out more here.

What is Wholistic Running?

Wholistic Running is a biomechanics based running program that reduces injuries, decreases impact and makes running easier and more fun.  With easy to learn lessons, Damian teaches correct biomechanics, alignment and relaxation for very effective results. Click here to read more…

I’m currently injured, can I still take a class?  

Yes.  Learning from Damian doesn’t require much running.  In fact, since you are injured, we highly recommend taking a class soon so you heal quicker, reduce impact and prevent future injuries.  Click here to read more…

How much will I run during a lesson?

This depends on where you are at.  Classes generally range from 1/4 mile up to 3 miles.

What shoes should I wear?

Wear the shoes you normally run in.

Is video analysis required?

No.  Video analysis is optional but can be very beneficial for you.  It helps you see what you may be doing inefficiently and where you can improve.  After class videos are fun to compare because you notice all the improvements you made in just one class.

I just started running.  Can Damian help me?

Yes.  Damian’s expertise is very beneficial for new runners.   Click here to read more…

Is Wholistic Running like barefoot running?

Yes and no.  You receive similar benefits but can wear the shoes of your choice.

Where are lessons?  How long are they?  What should I bring?

Private lessons are held in Bozeman and are about 1 hour long. Workshops are at varying locations.  Dress appropriately for the weather and be ready to learn and have fun.