Walking and Hiking Lessons

Attend private lesson with Damian to learn how to walk and hike with less impact and injury-free.  The easy to follow lessons are designed so you learn quickly.  Learn to walk and hike with more joy, focus and relaxation as well as reduced impact especially on downhills.  The quickest, easiest and most effective way to learn is from Damian.  His attention to detail and trusted expertise has tremendous results for walkers and hikers of all levels.

A single class will get you walking more aligned and relaxed promoting a more efficient and injury free way of moving.  Additional classes are available to become more proficient in the technique and build upon earlier concepts learned as well as include additional Wholistic Running concepts.  Damian will also provide thorough, comprehensive follow-ups including before and after videos and answer any questions you may have.

For less than the cost of your next pair of shoes, a massage, or a PT session, you can learn simple principles that will help you for your entire life!

Damian will listen with compassion to your needs and adjust his classes accordingly. Any concerns you may be having will be addressed during each lesson.  Feel free to ask him questions about any issue you may have.  Level II topics may be covered in Level I if interested.  The nature of the class will be relaxed, full and inspiring.

Level I Walking Class

  • Posture, Lean, Ankle Lift, Arm Swing
  • Cadence and Stride Length: Reduce Impact and Maximize Efficiency
  • Hills: Learn to Reduce Impact and Increase Ease
  • Get Fit and Stay Healthy: Walk Healthy Forever
  • Be Grounded:  Find Joy and Relaxation Through Walking
  • Comprehensive Follow-up: Custom Tips Specifically Designed for You

Level II Walking Class

  • Review of Level I Class
  • Body Looseners: Increase Mobility and Reduce Injuries
  • Walking Meditation: Breath and the Art of Body Sensing
  • Walking Whole: Using Nutrition and Other Healing Modalities for Health and Well Being
  • Comprehensive Follow-up: Custom Tips Specifically Designed for You


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Online and phone consultations also offered.  Contact Damian for more info.