Recreational Runners

Damian will teach you to run with efficient running technique so you reduce injuries and run easier with enhanced performance. You’ll learn to run using your core muscles and relaxing your legs.  The results include a more joyful and enjoyable running experience. The quickest, easiest and most effective way to learn is from Damian, a certified running instructor and biomechanics specialist.  His attention to detail and trusted expertise has tremendous results for runners of all levels.

You will learn to find more joy in running and the ability to run for the rest of your life with fewer injuries and reduced strain.  Damian will teach you to run the way you were designed to run, the way you were born to run. The benefits will last your entire life.

Lifelong lessons will easily be learned and can be used throughout your entire life enhancing your quality of life and well being.  Also, find greater health, well-being and energy with suggestions learned in class.  Let Damian and Wholistic Running show you how to enjoy running again. Learn to love running forever.

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