“My passion is to help everyone be healthy, active and do what they love.”

Damian Stoy is a respected coach, biomechanics specialist, certified running instructor and founder of Wholistic Running.  He is also a professional ultra marathon runner (see his race results) who has been injury-free for over 9 years.  He loves to share his passion for pain-free running with runners of all levels.  Damian teaches workshops, private lessons and offers online coaching and online video analysis for runners all around the world. His unique approach and trusted expertise has tremendous results for runners of all abilities. Damian also coaches and has designed training programs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Damian found his passion for running over 11 years ago.   But chronic running injuries in 2002 kept him from running for over two years.  After years of trying just about everything conventionally used for recovery, nothing helped.  A few doctors and physical therapists even told him he would never be able to run again!

Damian learned it wasn’t running that was causing the injuries but how he incorrectly ran that did. After researching and trying several running technique methods, he found the method to running injury-free.

“Running does not cause injuries.  It is how we run that causes injuries.”

For Damian, changing how he ran changed his life.  It has allowed him to run pain-free and eventually enter the world of ultramarathon running.  Even running up to 100+ miles a week, Damian has been injury-free for over 9 years while running faster with less effort and more fun.

Damian now teaches runners of all levels how to run efficiently with low impact and coaches with the latest in scientific running research.  Allow him to share his knowledge and vast experience to help you become a healthier, happier runner.  The quickest, easiest and most effective way to learn and reach your goals is from Damian, a highly-skilled certified running instructor and coach.

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