Damian’s Race Results


1st place:  Antelope Island 100k    Salt Lake, UT  9:06:40

13th place:  Wasatch 100 Miler  Midway, UT  24:15:51

4th place:   Buffalo Run 50k  Antelope Island, UT  4:18:04

11th place:  Moab Red Hot 55k   Moab, UT  4:33:59


1st place:  Yellowstone-Teton 50 Miler   Driggs, ID  7:11:54  *course record

22nd place:  Wasatch 100 Miler    Midway, UT  25:11:52

1st place:  Bighorn 50 Miler  Dayton, WY  7:49:36

1st place:  Pocatello 20 miler Pocatello, ID  3:01:11

2nd place:  Spokane River Run 50K  Spokane, WA  4:08:57

4th place:  Buffalo Run 50K  Antelope Island, UT  4:21:15 

2nd place:  Tin Cup Trail Marathon   Driggs, ID  3:01:24

7th place:  Run to the Pub Half-Marathon  Bozeman, MT  1:19:54


2nd placeBozeman Classic 10K  Bozeman, MT  35:44

2nd placeBighorn 50 Miler  Dayton, WY  7:47:49

1st place:  Pocatello 50K  Pocatello, ID  5:54:55

5th place:  Bridger Ridge Run Bozeman, MT  3:40:56

3rd place:  Spokane River Run 50K  Spokane, WA  4:07:27


1st place Pony Express Trail 50 Miler  Utah 7:37:00 *course record

1st place:  Equinox 50K  Fairbanks, AK  3:52:27  *course record

6th place:  Midnight Sun Run 10K  Fairbanks, AK  35:27  (Barefoot)

1st place:  Wickersham Dome Trail Run  AK 57:11


7th place Zane Grey 50 Miler  Payson, AZ  10:51:45

3rd place Old Pueblo 50 Miler  AZ  7:50:50

9th placeRed Hot 50K  Moab, UT  4:57:21

5th place:  Sedona Marathon  Sedona, AZ  3:02:09


2nd place:  Grand Teton 100 Miler  Driggs, WY  22:51:10

2nd placeBighorn 50 Miler  Dayton, WY  8:17:24

2nd placeSalomon Equinox 12 hours Run   Frisco, CO  54 miles

5th placeSombrero Trail Run  Estes Park, CO  36:11


6th placeGrand Teton 100 Miler  Driggs, WY  27:22:59

2nd place:  Bighorn 50 Miler  Dayton, WY  9:04:12


1st placeGrand Teton 50 Miler  Driggs, WY  8:52:36

7th place:  Pocono Marathon   Stroudsburg, PA  2:46:58  (personal best)

3rd place Old Gabe 50K  Bozeman, MT  6:41:18

4th placeJupiter Peak Steeplechase  Park City, UT  2:09:26