Coaching and Training

Would you like to run injury-free, faster and have more fun?  Would you like to be optimally prepared and have your best race ever?   Damian can help you achieve your goals no matter what level of runner you are.

“Since being coached by Damian, I’ve set a PR in my 10k and marathon. More importantly, my knees don’t hurt anymore”.
                                        -R. Clark from Boise, ID

Damian shares his vast experience as a sponsored elite racer to help you accomplish your goals while maximizing enjoyment and success.  He has coached with some of the greatest endurance runners and shares his expertise with all levels of runners. Damian can help you achieve your goals of running a faster or longer distance race and stay injury-free with his proven, easy to learn methods.  Believing in quality over quantity, Damian gets results for runners of all abilities.

  • Specific & Detailed Weekly Training Plans: Maximize training for your schedule
  • Technique Guidance Plan:  Run better, easier & pain-free
  • Pre-Race Planning: How to optimally prepare and perform well
  • Runner Specific Exercises:  6 simple exercises every runner needs
  • Optimal Nutrition: Recover faster and feel more energized
  • Efficient Technique Lessons: Easy to learn and designed specifically for you
  • Professional Expertise :  Damian’s specific tips for you to run your best
  • Optional Online Video Analysis is included

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Online Coaching includes specific and detailed weekly training plans, optional online video analysis, comprehensive technique guidance and improvement plan, unlimited email communications and a weekly phone or Skype consultation.  Everything you need to perform your best is included.

Monthly Package   Cost:  $149      Pay here   Paypal Bill me later2

3 Months Package    Cost:  $400     Pay here

6 Months Package    Cost:   $749     Pay here

30 Min. Phone or Skype Consultations (included with packages)   Cost:  $50    Pay here