What is Wholistic Running?

“Damian will help you reduce injuries, decrease impact & run better.  You’ll run faster & farther with less pain & more fun.”

Founded by Damian Stoy, Wholistic Running helps every level of runner by focusing on the whole runner.  Damian uses the latest in scientific research, elite training programs, nutrition and teaches a biomechanics based running technique that reduces pain, injuries and impact while increasing performance and ease. He teaches efficient biomechanics, correct alignment, relaxation and engaging the core in easy to learn lessons for very effective results.  The quickest, easiest and most effective way to learn to run injury-free and reach your goals is from Damian, a highly skilled certified running instructor, respected coach, biomechanics specialist and professional runner. His attention to detail and trusted expertise has tremendous results for runners of all levels. Using video analysis, easy to learn lessons and professional coaching, Damian will get you the results you want.

How does Damian help?

Correct running technique is the foundation for efficient running.  Proper alignment, running from your core and relaxation are the keys to optimal running technique and result in energy efficiency and injury prevention.  When we move efficiently we reduce injuries and move with greater ease.  Therefore, we can increase speed and distance with reduced effort while being more relaxed and having more fun. With Damian’s assistance, you will run better, lighter and pain-free and enjoy running forever.

Damian can also help you with your training, nutrition, race preparation and specific running goals.  Read how Damian has helped many runners of every level.


Examples of two very common poor running forms.  The left one leads to heel striking resulting in more impact and injuries.  The right one leads to excess fatigue and injuries.  Both are very inefficient ways to run and lead to injuries and more effort used than ideal.

Correct alignment and posture create a running form that is efficient and light resulting in fewer injuries, more speed and greater ease!


Read what Damian has done for runners of every level!