Shoes and running technique

Some shoes are better at promoting an efficient running technique thus reducing impact and injuries. When it comes to running easier and injury-free, we here at Wholistic Running believe learning proper running form is essential and the correct shoes can help promote efficient technique.

posture-diagram JPG

To help you get started, here are some tips for choosing shoes that promote a healthier way of moving.  Most shoes have an elevated heel which promotes a heel strike (think high impact).  We highly recommend shoes with ‘zero-drop’.  A zero-drop shoe encourages a full foot landing.  A full foot landing has been proven to reduce impact in several studies (2010, 2011). Zero-drop shoes also promote correct posture and alignment as well as engagement of the core when we stand, walk and run.

Altra shoes are zero-drop and have another benefit, a wide toe box:


Minimalist shoes help promote a ‘light’ running technique.  The less cushion a shoe has, the lighter you will run reducing impact and making running easier. 

Remember, to most effectively reduce and recover from injuries as well as run easier, learning efficient running technique is essential and shoes such as Altra’s can promote proper technique.  Damian teaches efficient technique because it is the easiest and most effective way to learn how to run efficiently.  His trusted approach and expertise has results for runners of all abilities.  When you take a class with Damian, he can recommend the specific shoe that will benefit you the most.